As a pool owner it is your responsibility to install and maintain the fence around your pool. Ideally you would like a stylish, low maintenance fence that’s built to last and complies with the law.

Glass is an especially safe material for pool fencing. Not only is it tough, durable and able to withstand the elements, it has a completely flat surface that offers no toeholds for young children.

Here at Mode we are committed to pool safety and use only quality fittings that comply with the law. Self closing hinges and quality latches are standard in our fences. Our installers are skilled tradesman with many years of experience installing glass fences, so you can rest assured your fence has been well constructed.

Key personnel on our staff are licensed Pool Safety Inspectors. This is just another way we ensure all our fences are built to be safe and comply with law.

Please remember that your pool fence is only one aspect of pool safety. Follow the ABC of pool safety (Qld Government pool safety campaign):

  • Always supervise your children near a pool
  • Begin swimming lessons
  • Close the pool gate and keep your fence maintained.

For more information about Pool Safety in Queensland, visit the Pool Safety Council of QLD's website.