How high does a glass pool fence have to be?

The minimum required height of a pool fence for certification is 1200mm. Bare in mind that this is on a flat area. Once there is a slope or a step in the surface, the height requirements of the panel increase to ensure that a minimum of 1200mm is still met from any vantage point.

How strong are the glass panels & will they break?

The glass panels are extremely strong and always meet or exceed Australian Standards. Any glass panels supplied and installed by Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades are impact resistant, heat strengthened safety glass which is a minimum of 10-12mm thick. Imagine the cautious legal safety requirements for a high rise balcony balustrade. The glass panels pass these strength and safety tests... they’re very strong and very hard to break.

Can the glass be used on sloped / angled areas?

Absolutely. Whether it is a structural slope, an angled garden, a stepped terrace... you name it, we can create custom glass to perfectly suit your requirements and ensure the sizes meet safety certification requirements.

Can you make curved or odd shaped glass?

Yes. Curved glass or uniquely angled glass can be custom made to suit almost any requirement.

Do you certify our pool fence?

We ensure that everything is designed and built to meet certification requirements. Our director is a former pool fenceing certifier, so there is no detail missed when Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades install a pool fence. When it comes to certification it will be a smooth process, but an independent certifier must be used to certify the job.

Do you install yourself or outsource to contractors?

Everything is installed by the Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades team directly. The quality of our work is important to us and you be sure that the person installing your project is from Mode Glass and extremely experienced.

Where is Mode Glass based and how big an area do you service?

Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades is based in Brisbane. Our office, warehouse and production facility are based on Brisbane’s North side, but we travel to where ever you are. We service every inch of Brisbane, plus the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and at times beyond if the project justifies it.

How quickly can you do the job?

We always act quickly. Our standard installation timeframe after receiving your quote approval is within 1 - 2 weeks. If custom glass is required this can often be met within this timeframe also. We will always advise a reliable installation timeframe when we quote your project.

How long does a job take to install?

Depending on the size of the project, but for most jobs we would be fully installed within one or two days.

Do you manufacture your own products?

Aluminium: Our team custom fabricate aluminium products in our Brisbane production facility to suit any shape or size required, then install on your site.
Rails for Glass balustrades: Our team custom weld stainless steel top rails or side rails on site to perfectly fit your glass.
Glass: Standard glass panels are purchased from quality glass manufacturers and kept on site ready for installation. Custom glass panels are planned by Mode Glass, then ordered and created by quality glass manufacturers in the local area.

Will the fittings rust? What are they made of?

This is one of the best features. Our products are marine grade stainless steel or aluminium. Our mini posts / spigots are all made from stainless steel. Our posts are either stainless steel or aluminium (your choice). Even our screws are stainless steel. Our custom welded rails are stainless steel. Our custom fabricated aluminium is, you guessed it: aluminium. There are even some timber rail options. Our products will resist rust and stand the test of time.

How many aluminium colours can I choose from?

An enormous selection of powder coating colours are available to suit any colour scheme.

Do you work with builders?

Yes, we regularly work with builders and complete projects in conjunction with the construction process (engaged either directly or independently).

Do you work with body corporates?

Yes, we work with body corporates regularly to modernise existing structures from small dwellings to large scale structures. The transformation is amazing.

Do you quote off the plan?

Yes, if you supply us with your professional plans we can certainly quote from the plans and save you time. Simply email your plans and instructions to [email protected]

Do you do automated gates?

We custom build the bates and fit them ready for automation, or if you have already had a motor connected, we install to suit the existing setup. If required, we can manage the full project including motor installation or connnect you with experts in this area.

If you have any other questions

Please call us to ask... our team are very friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help you.