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When you want the ultimate glass pool fence, you can’t go past Fully Frameless Glass Fencing. With no posts, no pins, no fittings and only glass, it looks spectacular and creates an ultra-modern feel to your pool area. It requires a pre-cast concrete footing in which each panel of glass is directly secured. The resulting effect is one of glass coming directly out of the ground. There are no visible clamps or fixings.

Because of the need for a pre-cast concrete footing, this fence lends itself to new pool situations, and contractors need to be aware of the need for a footing.

With absolutely no visable elements other than glass itself, nothing is obstructed. For the purest of fencing options to enhance beautiful surrounds, fully frameless glass fencing is the ultimate option.

To find out more information about how great a fully frameless glass fence could look in your home, simply contact our team on 1300 362 944 for a no obligations quote and design consultation.


Strength and certification

All glass pool fencing installed by Brisbane’s Mode Glass Fencing and Balustrades is of the highest standard, meeting or exceeding certification requirements. Certification certificates are always provided upon conclusion of the installation. The heat treated and strengthened glass panels are from quality suppliers, custom welded stainless steel rails are produced on site by certified experts and all fittings are of a premium standard. Everything from Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades is as safe and strong as it is attractive.

Optional finishes / handrails

Fully frameless glass pool fencing is often left with no finishings, but can have rails applied if desired. Mode Glass Fencing and Balustrades in Brisbane can supply or custom manufacture handrail or toprail systems to suit your desired style. 

Pricing / no obligation quote

Wondering how much fully frameless pool fencing costs? It is the premium level of pool fencing, so it will require a combination of tradespeople, but the finished product is amazing. To receive a free measure and no obligations quote, simply call us or enquire in the form below. An expert member of the Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades will come to your home / property in Brisbane and provide you with accurate costings and advice.


Hassle free installations

Installing fully frameless glass pool fences is a specialty of Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades, with decades of installation experience in Brisbane. Fully frameless glass fences must be perfect the first time (there’s no second chance). When you work with Mode that’s exactly what you get... perfect the first time!



Key aspects of fully frameless pool fencing

• Purest of fencing options with no visable elements other than glass itself
• No visible clamps or fixings (no posts, no pins, no fittings - only glass)
• Glass comes directly out of the ground (set into a pre-cast concrete footing)
• Best suited to new pool situations (contractors need to create a suitable footing)
• Ultra minimalist style
• Optional handrails (top or side mounted if desired)
• Safety certification
• Full hassle free installation