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Glass balustrades
are a modern alternative to traditional wood or metal balustrades, providing a stylish and secure barrier to stairs, decks, balconies, voids and high areas. With Brisbane’s climate encouraging an outdoor lifestyle, Glass Balustrades allow unobstructed views and a sense of spaciousness. The modern and discrete sense of space created by semi-frameless glass balustrades can elevate a property to a new level of modern appeal, adding both class and value to the property.


Aluminium or Stainless Steel posts and rails coupled with glass

Semi-frameless glass balustrades are a combination of posts (which can be either aluminium or stainless steel)and rails, coupled with glass panels, providing a stunning open appeal. Semi-frameless glass balustrades can be installed to your property’s staircase, deck, void and high areas.

The glass achieves a modern open style, while the posts can be either polished stainless steel or aluminium which can be discretely powdercoated in colours to compliment your housing style. Semi-frameless glass balustrades can be installed to existing timber or concrete surfaces.


Finishes / handrails

You can choose between a range of handrail systems to suit your preferred style and personal needs. Side handrail, top rail, both or neither can be applied to semi-frameless glass balustrades. Ask our team for some advice or samples.



Semi-frameless glass balustrades with aluminium posts are often the most cost effective type of glass balustrades. If you would like our team to provide you with a free quote for your glass balustrades in Brisbane, please call us or fill in the form below and we’ll happily come to you.



View some examples in the gallery below for inspiration and call the Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades team if you would like a free quote and some design ideas to suit your property in Brisbane.


Hassle free installations to all kinds of properties

Our installation experts draw on decades of experience installing glass balustrades in Brisbane to deliver hassle free solutions for all kinds of properties. Whether your property is old or new, timber or concrete, we’ve done it all before and can advise you on the best installation solution with minimum fuss, complete reliability and total safety certification.

More information about our Installation Process 



Key aspects of semi-frameless glass balustrades

Aluminium or stainless steel posts coupled with glass
• Optional handrails (top or side mounted with range of widths & finishes)
• Optional powdercoated colours (for aluminium posts)
• Safety certification
• Full hassle free installation