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Frameless glass balustrades are a premium product combining beautiful and durable Stainless Steel fittings and rails with glass panels, which provide a stunning modern finish to homes and commercial properties of all styles.

Adding class and value, with a sense of invisibility, frameless glass balustrades are a strong, secure and attractive solution to enhance your balcony, staircase, void, deck or verandah. With no vertical posts, your view is virtually uninhibited. Frameless glass balustrades can be mounted in one of two ways (as follows):

Mini post / spigot mounted (frameless) glass balustrades

Mounted on small stainless steel mini post spigots (which sit beneath the glass), there are no full length post to obscure your view. The spigots can be attached to various surfaces including (but not limited to) timber, brick and concrete. Spigot mounted frameless glass balustrades are most commonly finished with a top rail or hand rail (or both if preferred). The team at Mode Glass Fencing and Balustrades can visit your property in Brisbane and advise which options of glass balustrades would suit your property and how they could be installed.

Pin fixed / side mounted (frameless) glass balustrades

Maximise your floor space by pin fixing your glass balustrades on the side of your structure. This literally allows you to use every inch of your floor space and the pin fixed glass balustrades look visually stunning. From the inside the pin fixings are not even visible meaning your view is uninhibited by any posts or fixings, and from the outside the stylish stainless steel pins add a modern minimalistic design feature of their own. Pin fixed glass balustrades create an unrivalled and uninterrupted sense of open space and quality. An expert from Mode Glass Fencing and Balustrades can visit you anywhere in Brisbane to review your property (or plans) and advise which glass balustrade options would best suit your property.

Strength and certification

All glass balustrades installed by Brisbane’s Mode Glass Fencing and Balustrades are of the highest standard, so you can rest assured that your glass balustrades meet or exceed required standards in all aspects with regards to both the stock used and the quality of the installation. Certification certificates will be provided upon conclusion of the installation. From the heat treated / strengthened glass panels to the custom welded stainless steel rails and all fittings used by Mode Glass are as strong and safe as they are visually stunning.

Finishes / handrails

Frameless glass balustrades are most commonly finished with a top rail or hand rail (both or neither are also options if preferred). Mode Glass Fencing and Balustrades in Brisbane can supply and manufacture a range of handrail systems to suit your preferred style and personal needs. Ask our team for some advice or samples.

Stock readily available

A wide range of glass panels, pins, spigots, rails and other fittings are kept readily available in our production warehouse in Brisbane. Coupled with our team of experts custom fabricating material to suit your projects and reliable suppliers able to deliver in short timeframes, project timeframes are always kept efficient.

Pricing / no obligation quote

The best way to get an accurate quote is for a member of the Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades team to visit your property in Brisbane, where you can receive free expert advice on your installation options and a no obligations quote.

If you would like our team to provide you with a free quote for your glass balustrades in Brisbane, please call us or fill in the form below and we’ll happily come to you.



View some examples in the gallery below for inspiration and call the Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades team if you would like a free quote and some design ideas to suit your property in Brisbane.


Hassle free installations to all kinds of properties

Mode’s glass balustrade installation experts have been installing glass balustrades in Brisbane for decades and always strive to deliver hassle free solutions which exceed your expectations for all kinds of properties and projects. Regardless of the age or style of property you own, chances are we’ve done a job just like yours before and can expertly advise you on the ideal installation with minimum fuss, but complete reliability and safety certification.



Key aspects of frameless glass balustrades

• No full length posts so your view is maximised / uninhibited
• Maximise your floor space with pin fixed / side mounted glass panels
• Polished stainless steel fittings
• Modern minimalist style
• Optional handrails (top or side mounted with range of widths & finishes)
• Safety certification
• Full hassle free installation