Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades pride themselves on superior service, from the time you make contact with us, to the completion of your new glass fence or balustrade.

Following are the steps involved in the process of adding glass fencing / balustrades to your property with Mode Glass:


1. Contact Us

If you are interested in finding out your options and costs to enhance your home or project with glass pool fencing or glass balustrades, then simply call us on 1300 362 944 or complete the quote request form in the bottom left of your screen to find out the answers.

We’ll visit your site, talk to you about your vision, give you practical installation and design advice and then provide you with a no obligations quote to suit your specifications - always at no cost.

Our pricing is very competitive, given that all of our materials are sourced directly from the manufacturers.

You have nothing to lose by asking, but a great deal of style to gain with stunning glass pool fencing and balustrades. We hope to help you soon.


2. Design, measure & quote appointment

This is a critical part of the process and as such, its best to have all people involved in the decision making process available at this time.

Initially we’ll take a good look at the site, perform some measurements, and then sit down to discuss some ideas with you. Our estimators are highly experienced and can talk you through various options for styles and budgets. If you have any challenging areas, this is when we’ll work through some customised solutions.

Our estimators will have photos and samples of products and designs to show you, and by the end of the appointment, we will have a preliminary design complete. If you have questions or preferences, it’s important you put them forward at this time to ensure our design and quote is to your liking.

You should allow at least 45 minutes for this appointment, and longer if you have any challenging areas or specific questions.


3. Quote

The final design and quote is drawn up at our office and sent to you within two business days via your preferred method of communication. If you’re in a hurry for your quote, please let us know so we can factor this in to the process.


4. Acceptance

Upon acceptance of your quote, we’ll schedule in a suitable time for installation. A 10% deposit is required on acceptance of the quote, with final payment due on completion.

We accept payment by cash, cheque, credit card, direct deposit.


4. Installation

When you use Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades, you can rest assured that your installations are completed to the finest detail, leaving you with a fully completed project, no fuss, no mess and of course full safety compliance.

Our installation process also includes the removal of existing pool fencing and balustrades where necessary. If you require temporary fencing while your new glass fencing is being installed, we can also provide short term solutions to ensure your pool is always safe.

When you want to add a stunning touch of style to your home or project, knowing that the quality is first class, that everything will be completed with the upmost professionalism and that the process will be completely handled for you, contact Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades. Your home or project could be completed much sooner than you think.


6. Safety Inspection

All pools must have a valid Pool Safety Certificate by 30 November 2015 UNLESS you are buying, selling or leasing a property with a pool, in which case a Pool Safety Certificate must be obtained now.

Pool Safety Certificates are valid for two years after which a new Pool Safety Certificate must be obtained.

We at Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades are passionate about pool safety, and our key personnel are certified pool fence safety inspectors. This ensures all Mode Glass pool fences are safe and conform with regulations.

We guarantee all our work, and can offer helpful hints and tips on other aspects of your pool area that may not comply, such as garden beds or nearby trees.