Regardless of whether the style of your project is a home or a large corporate development, you’ll find the answers at Mode Glass Fencing & Balustrades. From glass fencing around a pool or outdoor space to balustrades for any style of development, you’ll find a range of stunning solutions to suit your project.

From development sites ready for fencing installation to complex blocks needing landscaping, or those requiring the removal of existing fencing, we cater to your needs. What ever the circumstances or challenges you face with your project, rest assured you’ll find all the answers at Mode. Just ask us and we’ll be happy to advise you of your options.


I have exisiting fencing and/or balustrates

So you are renovating! Or perhaps just replacing your existing pool fence. Whatever the project, we can definitely help.

Our experienced estimators can help you with design ideas and show you pictures and samples of potential designs that would suit your situation.

We will also happily work alongside other contractors such as builders, pool builders and landscapers. We can even recommend some contractors if you’re unsure.

We offer a full service from removing your existing fence or balustrades, to installing your new one.

We can even provide temporary barriers while the installation is being completed if needed.


I have a challenging block

Steep slopes, retaining, uneven ground, irregular shape? None of these pose a problem. They simply excite our professional team to provide you with a stunning design to meet the challenge. Rest assured, we’ve seen and conquered it all before.

With a range of highly customised solutions for your challenging areas, if you’re unsure if it can be done, feel free to call us and chat with our estimator.

We’ll even visit your site for a no obligations free quote & advice to let you know your options.


I need landscaping

Quite often, a complete outdoor revamp is needed, and a landscaper is the perfect person to engage for that situation. Or perhaps you have just built a brand new home and need the outdoor areas landscaped. We have a select few like-minded landscapers we work with, who are focused on quality, service, innovation and a beautiful end result.

If you’d like a no obligation meeting with us and our preferred landscaper, please contact us and we will arrange a suitable time.


I have everything ready for fencing

Often fencing is the last thing you are thinking about when landscaping or building your new home. Our experienced estimators can help with a no obligation meeting to view your property and discuss potential design options.

We can also provide temporary barriers or fencing whilst you are working on your design.