Mode Glass P/L is a proudly Brisbane owned and operated glass pool fencing and balustrades company.

Unlike many other fencing and balustrade contractors who offer glass as one of many materials, we are glass fencing and balustrade specialists. We are fully equipped to work effectively and safely with glass, and are focused on leading the way with the latest fittings and styles.

Our products are not only visually stunning, but just as importantly, very safe. Pool safety is extremely important to us. All installations are expertly monitored by our Production Manager who was a licensed pool inspector. Our entire team is passionate about ensuring our work is safe and complies with the law. We believe it is important to give back to the community and appropriately are proud supporters of the Hannah’s Foundation charity, who are committed to awareness, support and prevention of water related incidents.

Our two main focuses are and always will be stunning quality and safety.

Ensuring all products are compliant with quality standards, we are members of the Masters Builders Association and are also licensed with the Qld Building Services Authority.


We’re always interested in hearing from reliable professionals who are dedicated to quality. If this is you and you’re based in the Brisbane region, please email your details to [email protected]. When we have specific positions available, we will also list them on this page.

working with builders

At Mode, we’re used to working directly with builders. If you have a project in the Brisbane area and would like to consider adding glass fencing or balustrades, talk to us about how we can benefit your project.